NRM has confirmed that it will be using next week’s EAG to officially launch its Engage Platform which has been developed to enable smart retail brands to interact with their customers across a range of commercially significant and dynamic touch points including promotions, membership incentives, customer insights’ rewards and much more. 

NRM will be making its first appearance at EAG for five years, and Managing Director Andrew Ludlow and the NRM team will be taking the opportunity to demonstrate how the combination of powerful, proven technology and flexibility can be used by entertainment brands that want to place their customers at the very heart of the business.  He explained: “NRM has consistently championed an agnostic approach to technology which means that we can work with our customers in order to produce solutions to meet their business needs as opposed to simply presenting them with a ‘finished’ product.  Because we believe that technology should never be a straightjacket that serves to limit or restrict, Engage is constantly evolving based on the requirements of our customers and our ultimate boss –  the end-user.” 

The Engage platform being specifically designed for the retail gaming environment comes packed with a range of uses and features. Additionally it can link seamlessly into the mobile applications NRM is now recognised as an industry forerunner.  Engage is designed to sit at the heart of a business’s customer programme and provides some fantastic opportunities to drive improved customer engagement, reward and loyalty through targeted promotional voucher campaigns, marketing campaigns, loyalty offers and products for redemption in venue. The added ability to set up configurable promotions through prize wheel and slot spin mechanics means the platform is truly flexible, offering the retailer a range of fun and engaging customer tools.  

Alongside the Engage Platform, NRM will be offering EAG visitors the opportunity to explore its range of consumer-centric mobile apps, its handheld AGC  tablets and low-cost Bingo Express as well as Jigsaw, the touchscreen entertainment system of choice used by destination venues including holiday parks, bingo clubs, AGCs and most recently adopted by the pub and club sectors.

Drop by Stand 716.